Maine Rail Transit Coalition


We are a coalition that is partnering with several organizations in Maine to restore rail services.   Our partners include:

  1. Bullet Maine Sierra Club

  2. Bullet Train Riders Northeast

  3. Bullet Rail Users Network

  4. Bullet MRG-Maine Rail Group

  5. Bullet Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad

  6. Bullet Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority

  7. Bullet Maine DOT

  8. Bullet Maine rail lines and haulers

  9. Bullet Integration of bus services at rail terminals

  10. BulletMaine Partners for Cool Communities

  11. BulletNorth American Steel Interstate Coalition

Recent Projects:

These are the Smart Growth Mobility Projects Reports:


  1. BulletSmart Growth Mobility forum 3-15-13 USM Portland.pdf

  2. BulletNew Passenger Service Proposal for Portland to Auburn

  3. Bullet Passenger service restoration from Portland waterfront to Auburn airport on the former St Lawrence and Atlantic Rail Road tracks.

  4. Bullet Passenger Rail service and improved freight service on the Mt Division

  5. Bullet State Purchase of MMA lines in northern ME (Purchasing!)

  6. Bullet Promotion and expansion of DownEaster to Freeport and Brunswick (fall 2012)

  7. Bullet Passenger Rail Service to Augusta and expanded service to Rockland

  8. Bullet Many other rail initiatives.

Contact:  Email                                                        Webmaster: Paul Weiss


Welcome to the Maine Rail Transit Coalition

“To elevate rail transportation to its proper balance in transportation investments, planning and decision-making”

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